Opening to love beyond measure

Liz Loeb is a local justice activist in the Twin Cities. She spoke recently at a local synagogue, and shared this beautiful witness. Read the whole thing! But here is just a brief excerpt:

I am also here to tell you that when you give up the lies of white supremacy, when you turn yourself against the resistance that is inside you, you open towards the interconnected liberation to which our humanity owes itself. I truly believe that when we find the place of our own-most stake in black lives mattering, we open towards an experience of love. The love and community and care and possibility I have experienced as part of a resistance movement towards justice is like nothing I can describe. It means knowing that there are people to catch you when you fall, and it means knowing that there are people there to love you when we win. It is something different than the intimacy of family or the individual history of friends. It is the connectedness that binds us to one another, and it is sweet beyond measure. Wherever you are in this journey, I hope you will find a way to give it a try. Let go just a little but. Worry just a little less. Trust the amazing black leaders who are shaping this movement more. And I promise, if we can do this, if we can keep trying together, we will find ourselves somewhere new.