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The pandemic of Anti-Blackness

Macalester College’s Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship recently hosted a webinar that was both deeply engaging and very insightful. It was led by the Dean of the Institute, Donna Maeda, and featured Duchess Harris, Professor, American Studies; Bill Hart, Professor, Religious Studies; Brian Lozenski, Associate Professor, Educational Studies; Kenjus Watson, Postdoctoral Fellow, San Francisco State University, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Occidental College.


Too much has been happening the last few days to report it all here. But one resource that is worth reminding people about is The Marshall Project, which is focused on transforming our criminal justice system. They have created a series of short videos where people witness to their interactions with the system. It’s a great place to start from if you are working with people who have no idea how destructive and racist our systems are.